Nothing Stays the Same: Re-Set

There is probably not a better time than now to Re-Set. I’m not going to call it, or think of it, as a Re-Do. Because a Re-Do can be difficult and sometimes painful to go back and wonder about the would-have and could-have scenarios. We made our choices and here we are! Most importantly, so many of us have time to:

Re-flect: Where we are and what more do we want out of life, work and relationships. Reflect as a reference and blueprint to move forward.

Re-prioritize: What is important in our lives. We get so caught up in this thing called life we miss the most amazing things around us.

Re-move: The “clutter” in our lives that slow us down, distract us, and take us off course.

Re-connect: Not with just the people that are close to us or the people we haven’t seen for quite some time, but reconnect with reading, writing and music. Reconnecting with ourselves; our values, direction and our ability to make a difference.

Re-think: When we clearly re-think the past, we have more clarity to plan and Re-shape the future. This is a choice…our choice.

Re-Direct: This Renewed Energy, Passion and Vision that will put us on an incredible course of Inspiration and make a difference in both our lives and other people's lives.

Re-Educate: We have more time to read, study and research about our profession, health, exercise and being better leaders. Some have more time to work with their children and on-line schooling, or any topic that will create a better YOU; so ultimately you can make a difference in our world.

Re-align: Yourself with your core values.

Re-energize: We need this to navigate through this crazy, unpredictable world and to make a positive Impact.

Re-build: Soon it will be time to Re-build from this pandemic and turmoil that embraces our world, striving to make our personal well being and foundation of our country even stronger. Because…we will!

Re-emerge: From this stronger as individuals and as a country, not to Re-imagine how things were, but to Re-focus our attention on things that matter the most. Our Impact is unlimited.

Re-group: As individuals, communities, and companies.

Re-enforce: That YES, we will get through this together and that we are Resilient.

This beach, my favorite in the Bahamas, has been ravished many times by hurricanes. It is not the same, but still Beautiful.

Mark Feeley CEO/Coach IMI Vision Concepts

*This article originally appeared in platform on March 27, 2020 and was written during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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