Mark Feeley


For over 35 years, Mark has coached, mentored, developed and lead more than 200 managers and key employees, while driving over $100 million in revenue. He did this while minimizing costly employee turnover and increasing profitability up to 85%. He has been recognized as a Top 20 Managing Partner of a multi-billion dollar company, multiple times. He designed and successfully implemented three different restaurant concepts and learned every aspect of the business as an entrepreneur.


Mark finds it particularly intriguing to draw a direct correlation between business and sports performance from the top down, and he leads and mentors from this unique perspective. This dynamic has been the cornerstone of his success and ability to thrive as an entrepreneur, and a managing director and partner in corporate and franchise environments. 

Having the opportunity to lead and impact thousands of employees and hundreds of managers throughout the years, inspired Mark to create IMI Vision Concepts. It is his vision and passion to strive in making a difference with people and organizations, utilizing a servant leadership mentality.

Mark developed a passion for the Hospitality business in college and later designed the first of 3 restaurants at 25 years of age. He spent 30+ years in New England (which included 15 years of ice hockey and multiple sports), continuing his education, honing his business and entrepreneurial skills. He then decided to travel across the country several times to lead and grow numerous companies in Arizona, Kentucky, Connecticut and Atlanta, to take advantage of incredible opportunities to drive extraordinary successes. ​

What else should you know about CEO Mark Feeley? He is a proud dad to an amazing, beautiful and talented daughter. Just a redhead city kid, born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts where he learned the fundamentals of hard work, resiliency, teamwork and what it takes to be successful. He is one of seven kids raised by two wonderful parents, Ed and Carol Feeley. They lived on the third floor of a multifamily home (often called a three decker), with a couple of bedrooms and one bath tub -- which is a story of itself. ​