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I have designed and used these Top 11 Strategic Modules as a Top 20 Managing Partner for a successful multi-billion dollar company while driving over $100 million in revenue. Contact me today so I can help you map out a game plan for your company.

11 Strategic MODULES for Restaurant Viability

MODULE 1:  Background to your Business: Determining Your WHY

MODULE 2:  Initial VISION for your Concept

MODULE 3   Viability and Sustainability

MODULE 4:  Reassess Your Business Plan Using 50/70 Rule

MODULE 5:  People Alignment Assessment: Top Down

MODULE 6:  SOP / Basics / Fundamentals / Food Safety and Sanitation

MODULE 7:  Review All Operating Systems 

MODULE 8:  Training: Review for All Departments

MODULE 9:  Profit & Loss Breakdown and Profitability

MODULE 10: Overview and Action Plan

MODULE 11: Community Outreach and Visibility